Shree Swaminarayan Sanskar Bhavan

The Shree Swaminarayan Sanskar Bhavan Hostel has been designed to be a home away from home as working parents today they are away from their children;whether the child has eaten on time,whether he or she has had an afternoon nap,whether he or she is creatively and fruitfully occupied and whether he or she is in the right,caring hands.      

The Shree Swaminarayan Sanskar Bhavan is stffed with qualified supervisors and attendants who look after the children in a motherly way trying to inoculate healthy eating habits,team spirit,a caring attitude and hobby development in every child who comes to the center.To permit better care and indivisual attention we take only a limited number in the facility. Students are given holy food.The cooked food is brought to the Lord Shree Swaminarayan temple as his meal(Bhog) and the holy spirit

of Lord Shree Swaminarayan is braught to this cooked food,such such holy food is given to the studens daily. The children given lessons in Geeta Scriptures,Drawing,Painting,skating,chess,carom and karate as a part of the Shree Swaminarayan Day Care Hostel activities. Children in Shree Swaminarayan Day Care Hostel can avail of all the facilities provided in the school campus.Thus,they get a home away where they are caringly looked after and are creatively occupied