While visiting under served to deliver religious discourses in Maharashtra – INDIA, I noticed the condition of children and their desire for an education. Several parents urged me to establish an educational institute and educate their children. However that was a huge project with the huge financial as well as working responsibility. One of the parents offered their land for free and that gave me courage and strength to start and move forward with this educational project. I presented this project to the government of Maharashtra and few groups of people in INDIA and U.S.A. I received a warm response with their interest to manage the financial need. The project started in early 2005 with the processing of the plan and government approval.

The project was planned in five phases:

Phase I - In 2006, few rooms were rented and the education started with nursery, junior kinder garten,senior kinder garten in English Medium as well as shishuvarg, balwadi & first grade in semi English language with the enrollment of 105 students at this institute.

Phase II – Balvatika buiding, Day care and kitchen facilities were constructed

Phase III – Residential facility for saints (Sant Nivas) was completed

Phase IV – School building – Main was constructed and completed

Phase V – Access Road, Garden – landscaping, other infrastructure facilities will be completed in 2015

As of 2014 we have approximately 1200 plus students have enrolled for educations, 110 plus students are taking advantage of on site school hostel – dormitory while attending the school.

The educational institute had rapidly advanced to its current size in a short period of time with cooperation of volunteer and donor members such as Mahendrabhai Patel and others who contributed to fulfill dream and vision of Shastri Bhaktiprakash Nilkanthdas of having one of kind institute with modern technological facilities comparable to schools in United States of America. Shastriji wants to provide the best of the best facilities for the education of students at the institute and to achieve his goal, he tirelessly travels and holds satsang meetings, and delivers discourses while serving Shree Laxmi Narayan Dev Trust of Vadtal - Swaminarayan Mandir of Vadtal, Gujarat to raise funds to support the institute.

To support this educational project, I establish “Shreeji International Educational Organization Inc.” (S.I.E.O.I) based in Chicago, Illinois, and Arizona, U.S.A. with the support of several followers of Swaminarayan Sampradaya in U.S.A.

Swami Bhakti Prakash Nilkanthdas
Managing Trustee (President)  

Mahendrabhai Patel
President, (S.I.E.O.I.)