Welcome to Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul, Savda Our School provides hostel facility for boys only. The Hostel started in 2008 at present the hostel has a strength of about 120 boys. Every parent wants to be sure that he will find a clean, comfortable and safe place for his pupil. Same residence is provided by school. Here the student learns the spirit of togetherness and imbibe the value of sharing and caring for one another. The residential students have well placed schedule from early morning to night which includes all the necessary activities like yoga, Aradhana, pravachans, self-study, games, sports, entertainment and rest. The student’s wellbeing is looked after by a team of dedicated house staff who provide a homely and friendly atmosphere. The hostel is well equipped well spacious rooms on sharing basis with beautiful, healthy spiritual and peaceful surrounding. The rector gives individual attention to each child just like a strong and motivating parent.


The hostel is located in the school campus in MIDC area. The campus provides spiritual, comfortable & pleasant atmosphere for the overall development of the student.


For admission in hostel all right are reserved to principal & rector who is the head of the hostel. The rector will control the overall working of hostel.

General Routine

The routine of the day start was ship, Bhajan, Yoga exercise and breakfast after which the student start with his school. Throughout the day the boys are kept engaged in studies and various types of extracurricular activities which helps in their overall development.

Hostel Admission Rules.

  • Once paid the admission fees will not be refundable.

  • Admission will be granted after completion of all documents.

  • Extra watching :-

    a) No extra coaching is allowed outside the school premises.

    b) Tutor can be arranged by student’s/ Hostel rector for extra watching if required.

    c) All payments to the tutorial will be shared by the student undergoing the watching.

  • The hostel admission once granted is only for that academic year. It can be extended subject to satisfactory disciplined and academic performance.

  • Procedure for admission

  • At the time of admission, student should remain present along with his parent.

  • The application form should be filled carefully along with necessary detail and all necessary document should be attached to it.

  • The form should be submitted in the prescribed time to the sector.

  • The form should be signed by the concerned rector the hostel office after the entry of challan number in register.

  • Challan should be submitted on the same day on which the rector has signed.

  • Immediately pay cash by challan in the bank.

  • The hostel fees should be paid in one installment.

  • The challan receipt should be kept carefully otherwise it can create difficulty in claiming the refund of the deposit.

  • Application form and one copy of challan receipt should be submitted in the hostel office and the roll number of student should be confirmed on the same day.

  • Care of Personal Belongings:

  • The student must take care of all his personal belonging. The authorities are not responsible for the loss of any personal articles.

  • Student should not carry any electronic gadgets like mobile phone, music player, camera etc. in the hostel.

  • At the end of the academic year, the student may carry all their personal belonging with them.

  • Each room is designed to get a lot of natural light and good ventilation.

  • Children are accommodated according to their age group and class.

  • Rooms are protected from mosquitoes with mesh on all the windows.

  • 24-hour power backup and security is provided.

  • Hot water is provided by roof top mounted solar water heater.

  • Well maintained, clean toilets and bathrooms are there for student.

  • Children living in hostel are safe and secure under matron care.

  • Watch is kept on student movement.

  • Attendance at hostel is mandatory and is taken twice in a day.

  • Hostel has a hygienically maintained kitchen and dining hall.

  • A variety of freshly prepared food items, snacks twice in a day and milk in the morning.

  • The student are always treated with kindness and love but firmly in matters of relating to behaviors & discipline.

  • Television and indoor games facilities at specified hours along with playground and outdoor games.

  • Parent are permitted to meet their children on pre-announced days and by request at certain times.

  • Different seminars/workshops are arranged from time to time for the parent mostly on open day to guide and encourage them regarding overall development of their pupil.

  • Library facility is provided with all books, magazines, newspaper etc for formation of good character.