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    Pa.Pu.Sa.Gu.Shastri Nilkanthdasji

    Pa.Pu.Dha.Dhu.1008 Aachrya Shri Rakeshprasadji Maharaj

    Hon.Reverance Shri Shastri Bhaktiprakashdasji

W hile visiting under served to deliver religious discourses in Maharashtra – INDIA, I noticed the condition of children and their desire for an education. Several parents urged me to establish an educational institute and educate their children. However that was a huge project with the huge financial as well as working responsibility. One of the parents offered their land for free and that gave me courage and strength to start and move forward with this educational project. I presented this project to the government of Maharashtra and few groups of people in INDIA and U.S.A. I received a warm response with their interest to manage the financial need. The project started in early 2005 with the processing of the plan and government approval.